MySQL 8.0.32
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mysql_clone_ssl_context Struct Reference

Connection parameters including SSL. More...

#include <clone_protocol_service.h>

Public Attributes

int m_ssl_mode
 Clone ssl mode. More...
const char * m_ssl_key
 Clone ssl private key. More...
const char * m_ssl_cert
 Clone ssl certificate. More...
const char * m_ssl_ca
 Clone ssl certificate authority. More...
bool m_enable_compression
 Enable network compression. More...

Detailed Description

Connection parameters including SSL.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_enable_compression

bool mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_enable_compression

Enable network compression.

◆ m_server_extn

NET_SERVER* mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_server_extn

◆ m_ssl_ca

const char* mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_ssl_ca

Clone ssl certificate authority.

Same as mysql client –ssl-ca

◆ m_ssl_cert

const char* mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_ssl_cert

Clone ssl certificate.

Same as mysql client –ssl-cert

◆ m_ssl_key

const char* mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_ssl_key

Clone ssl private key.

Same as mysql client –ssl-key

◆ m_ssl_mode

int mysql_clone_ssl_context::m_ssl_mode

Clone ssl mode.

Same as mysql client –ssl-mode

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