MySQL 8.2.0
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my_timer_unit_info Struct Reference

Characteristics of a timer. More...

#include <my_rdtsc.h>

Public Attributes

ulonglong routine
 Routine used for the timer. More...
ulonglong overhead
 Overhead of the timer. More...
ulonglong frequency
 Frequency of the timer. More...
ulonglong resolution
 Resolution of the timer. More...

Detailed Description

Characteristics of a timer.

Member Data Documentation

◆ frequency

ulonglong my_timer_unit_info::frequency

Frequency of the timer.

◆ overhead

ulonglong my_timer_unit_info::overhead

Overhead of the timer.

◆ resolution

ulonglong my_timer_unit_info::resolution

Resolution of the timer.

◆ routine

ulonglong my_timer_unit_info::routine

Routine used for the timer.

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