MySQL 8.3.0
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fts_stopword_t Struct Reference

Stop word control infotmation. More...

#include <fts0types.h>

Public Attributes

ulint status
 Status of the stopword tree. More...
 The memory allocator to use. More...
 This stores all active stopwords. More...
 charset for stopword More...

Detailed Description

Stop word control infotmation.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cached_stopword

ib_rbt_t* fts_stopword_t::cached_stopword

This stores all active stopwords.

◆ charset

CHARSET_INFO* fts_stopword_t::charset

charset for stopword

◆ heap

ib_alloc_t* fts_stopword_t::heap

The memory allocator to use.

◆ status

ulint fts_stopword_t::status

Status of the stopword tree.

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