MySQL 8.3.0
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fts_ast_node_t Struct Reference

#include <fts0ast.h>

Public Attributes

fts_ast_type_t type
 The type of node. More...
fts_ast_text_t text
 Text node. More...
fts_ast_term_t term
 Term node. More...
fts_ast_oper_t oper
 Operator value. More...
fts_ast_list_t list
 Expression list. More...
 Link for expr list. More...
 For tracking allocations. More...
bool visited
 whether this node is already processed More...
 Direct up node. More...
bool go_up
 Flag if go one level up. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ go_up

bool fts_ast_node_t::go_up

Flag if go one level up.

◆ list

fts_ast_list_t fts_ast_node_t::list

Expression list.

◆ next

fts_ast_node_t* fts_ast_node_t::next

Link for expr list.

◆ next_alloc

fts_ast_node_t* fts_ast_node_t::next_alloc

For tracking allocations.

◆ oper

fts_ast_oper_t fts_ast_node_t::oper

Operator value.

◆ term

fts_ast_term_t fts_ast_node_t::term

Term node.

◆ text

fts_ast_text_t fts_ast_node_t::text

Text node.

◆ trx

trx_t* fts_ast_node_t::trx

◆ type

fts_ast_type_t fts_ast_node_t::type

The type of node.

◆ up_node

fts_ast_node_t* fts_ast_node_t::up_node

Direct up node.

◆ visited

bool fts_ast_node_t::visited

whether this node is already processed

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