MySQL 8.1.0
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dblwr::recv::Page_entry Struct Reference

A record from reduced doublewrite buffer. More...

Public Member Functions

 Page_entry (space_id_t space_id, page_no_t page_no, lsn_t lsn)

Public Attributes

space_id_t m_space_id
 Tablespace id. More...
page_no_t m_page_no
 Tablespace page number. More...
lsn_t m_lsn
 Page LSN. More...

Detailed Description

A record from reduced doublewrite buffer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Page_entry()

dblwr::recv::Page_entry::Page_entry ( space_id_t  space_id,
page_no_t  page_no,
lsn_t  lsn 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_lsn

lsn_t dblwr::recv::Page_entry::m_lsn

Page LSN.

◆ m_page_no

page_no_t dblwr::recv::Page_entry::m_page_no

Tablespace page number.

◆ m_space_id

space_id_t dblwr::recv::Page_entry::m_space_id

Tablespace id.

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