MySQL 8.3.0
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azio_stream Struct Reference

#include <azlib.h>

Public Attributes

z_stream stream
int z_err
int z_eof
File file
Byte inbuf [AZ_BUFSIZE_READ]
Byte outbuf [AZ_BUFSIZE_WRITE]
uLong crc
char * msg
int transparent
char mode
my_off_t start
my_off_t in
my_off_t out
int back
int last
unsigned char version
unsigned char minor_version
unsigned int block_size
unsigned long long check_point
unsigned long long forced_flushes
unsigned long long rows
unsigned long long auto_increment
unsigned int longest_row
unsigned int shortest_row
unsigned char dirty
unsigned int frm_start_pos
unsigned int frm_length
unsigned int comment_start_pos
unsigned int comment_length

Member Data Documentation

◆ auto_increment

unsigned long long azio_stream::auto_increment

◆ back

int azio_stream::back

◆ block_size

unsigned int azio_stream::block_size

◆ check_point

unsigned long long azio_stream::check_point

◆ comment_length

unsigned int azio_stream::comment_length

◆ comment_start_pos

unsigned int azio_stream::comment_start_pos

◆ crc

uLong azio_stream::crc

◆ dirty

unsigned char azio_stream::dirty

◆ file

File azio_stream::file

◆ forced_flushes

unsigned long long azio_stream::forced_flushes

◆ frm_length

unsigned int azio_stream::frm_length

◆ frm_start_pos

unsigned int azio_stream::frm_start_pos

◆ in

my_off_t azio_stream::in

◆ inbuf

Byte azio_stream::inbuf[AZ_BUFSIZE_READ]

◆ last

int azio_stream::last

◆ longest_row

unsigned int azio_stream::longest_row

◆ minor_version

unsigned char azio_stream::minor_version

◆ mode

char azio_stream::mode

◆ msg

char* azio_stream::msg

◆ out

my_off_t azio_stream::out

◆ outbuf

Byte azio_stream::outbuf[AZ_BUFSIZE_WRITE]

◆ rows

unsigned long long azio_stream::rows

◆ shortest_row

unsigned int azio_stream::shortest_row

◆ start

my_off_t azio_stream::start

◆ stream

z_stream azio_stream::stream

◆ transparent

int azio_stream::transparent

◆ version

unsigned char azio_stream::version

◆ z_eof

int azio_stream::z_eof

◆ z_err

int azio_stream::z_err

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