MySQL 8.4.0
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_log_line Struct Reference

log_line ("log event") More...

#include <log_builtins_internal.h>

Public Attributes

log_item_type_mask seen
 bit field flagging item-types contained More...
log_item_iter iter
 iterator over key/value pairs More...
log_item output_buffer
 buffer a service can return its output in More...
int count
 number of key/value pairs ("log items") More...
log_item item [LOG_ITEM_MAX]
 log items More...

Detailed Description

log_line ("log event")

Member Data Documentation

◆ count

int _log_line::count

number of key/value pairs ("log items")

◆ item

log_item _log_line::item

log items

◆ iter

log_item_iter _log_line::iter

iterator over key/value pairs

◆ output_buffer

log_item _log_line::output_buffer

buffer a service can return its output in

◆ seen

log_item_type_mask _log_line::seen

bit field flagging item-types contained

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