MySQL 8.3.0
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_log_filter_ruleset Struct Reference

#include <log_builtins_filter.h>

Public Attributes

 creator of this rule More...
uint32 count
 number of rules currently in ruleset More...
uint32 alloc
 maximum number of rules in this ruleset More...
log_filter_rule rule [LOG_FILTER_RULE_MAX]
 rules in this ruleset More...
mysql_rwlock_t ruleset_lock
 lock for whole ruleset. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ alloc

uint32 _log_filter_ruleset::alloc

maximum number of rules in this ruleset

◆ count

uint32 _log_filter_ruleset::count

number of rules currently in ruleset

◆ rule

log_filter_rule _log_filter_ruleset::rule[LOG_FILTER_RULE_MAX]

rules in this ruleset

◆ ruleset_lock

mysql_rwlock_t _log_filter_ruleset::ruleset_lock

lock for whole ruleset.

  • get a read lock to apply filter rules to event
    • if a rule changes rule-internal state, like the occurrence count for throttle, it must upgrade to write lock => technically, internal state could use a per-rule lock, but let's keep things simple for now
  • changing the filter ruleset obviously also needs a write lock

◆ tag

log_filter_tag* _log_filter_ruleset::tag

creator of this rule

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