MySQL 8.4.0
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UDF_ARGS Struct Reference

#include <udf_registration_types.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int arg_count
 Number of arguments. More...
enum Item_resultarg_type
 Pointer to item_results. More...
char ** args
 Pointer to argument. More...
unsigned long * lengths
 Length of string arguments. More...
char * maybe_null
 Set to 1 for all maybe_null args. More...
char ** attributes
 Pointer to attribute name. More...
unsigned long * attribute_lengths
 Length of attribute arguments. More...
void * extension

Member Data Documentation

◆ arg_count

unsigned int UDF_ARGS::arg_count

Number of arguments.

◆ arg_type

enum Item_result* UDF_ARGS::arg_type

Pointer to item_results.

◆ args

char** UDF_ARGS::args

Pointer to argument.

◆ attribute_lengths

unsigned long* UDF_ARGS::attribute_lengths

Length of attribute arguments.

◆ attributes

char** UDF_ARGS::attributes

Pointer to attribute name.

◆ extension

void* UDF_ARGS::extension

◆ lengths

unsigned long* UDF_ARGS::lengths

Length of string arguments.

◆ maybe_null

char* UDF_ARGS::maybe_null

Set to 1 for all maybe_null args.

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