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TrxUndoRsegsIterator Struct Reference

Choose the rollback segment with the smallest trx_no. More...

#include <trx0purge.h>

Public Member Functions

 TrxUndoRsegsIterator (trx_purge_t *purge_sys)
 Constructor. More...
const page_size_t set_next ()
 Sets the next rseg to purge in m_purge_sys. More...

Private Member Functions

 TrxUndoRsegsIterator (const TrxUndoRsegsIterator &)
TrxUndoRsegsIteratoroperator= (const TrxUndoRsegsIterator &)

Private Attributes

 The purge system pointer. More...
TrxUndoRsegs m_trx_undo_rsegs
 The current element to process. More...
Rsegs_array< 2 >::iterator m_iter
 Track the current element in m_trx_undo_rseg. More...

Static Private Attributes

static const TrxUndoRsegs NullElement
 Sentinel value. More...

Detailed Description

Choose the rollback segment with the smallest trx_no.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrxUndoRsegsIterator() [1/2]

TrxUndoRsegsIterator::TrxUndoRsegsIterator ( trx_purge_t purge_sys)


◆ TrxUndoRsegsIterator() [2/2]

TrxUndoRsegsIterator::TrxUndoRsegsIterator ( const TrxUndoRsegsIterator )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

TrxUndoRsegsIterator & TrxUndoRsegsIterator::operator= ( const TrxUndoRsegsIterator )

◆ set_next()

const page_size_t TrxUndoRsegsIterator::set_next ( )

Sets the next rseg to purge in m_purge_sys.

page size of the table for which the log is. NOTE: if rseg is NULL when this function returns this means that there are no rollback segments to purge and then the returned page size object should not be used.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_iter

Rsegs_array<2>::iterator TrxUndoRsegsIterator::m_iter

Track the current element in m_trx_undo_rseg.

◆ m_purge_sys

trx_purge_t* TrxUndoRsegsIterator::m_purge_sys

The purge system pointer.

◆ m_trx_undo_rsegs

TrxUndoRsegs TrxUndoRsegsIterator::m_trx_undo_rsegs

The current element to process.

◆ NullElement

const TrxUndoRsegs TrxUndoRsegsIterator::NullElement

Sentinel value.

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