MySQL  8.0.17
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ST_SCHEMA_TABLE Struct Reference

#include <table.h>

Public Attributes

const char * table_name
TABLE *(* create_table )(THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *table_list)
int(* fill_table )(THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *tables, Item *cond)
int(* old_format )(THD *thd, ST_SCHEMA_TABLE *schema_table)
int(* process_table )(THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *tables, TABLE *table, bool res, LEX_STRING *db_name, LEX_STRING *table_name)
int idx_field1
int idx_field2
bool hidden
uint i_s_requested_object

Member Data Documentation

◆ create_table

TABLE*(* ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::create_table) (THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *table_list)

◆ fields_info


◆ fill_table

int(* ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::fill_table) (THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *tables, Item *cond)

◆ hidden

bool ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::hidden

◆ i_s_requested_object

uint ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::i_s_requested_object

◆ idx_field1

int ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::idx_field1

◆ idx_field2

int ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::idx_field2

◆ old_format

int(* ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::old_format) (THD *thd, ST_SCHEMA_TABLE *schema_table)

◆ process_table

int(* ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::process_table) (THD *thd, TABLE_LIST *tables, TABLE *table, bool res, LEX_STRING *db_name, LEX_STRING *table_name)

◆ table_name

const char* ST_SCHEMA_TABLE::table_name

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