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State data storage for get_thread_statement_locker_v5_t. More...

#include <psi_statement_bits.h>

Public Attributes

bool m_in_prepare
 In prepare flag. More...
bool m_secondary
 Using secondary engine. More...
unsigned char m_no_index_used
 Metric, no index used flag. More...
unsigned char m_no_good_index_used
 Metric, no good index used flag. More...
unsigned int m_collect_flags
 Internal state. More...
unsigned int m_pfs_flags
 Internal PFS flags. More...
unsigned int m_tel_flags
 Internal telemetry flags. More...
void * m_class
 Instrumentation class. More...
struct PSI_threadm_thread
 Current thread. More...
unsigned long long m_timer_start
 Timer start. More...
unsigned long long m_cpu_time_start
 THREAD CPU time start. More...
size_t m_controlled_local_size_start
 State temporary data for CONTROLLED_MEMORY. More...
size_t m_controlled_stmt_size_start
 State temporary data for MAX_CONTROLLED_MEMORY. More...
size_t m_total_local_size_start
 State temporary data for TOTAL_MEMORY. More...
size_t m_total_stmt_size_start
 State temporary data for MAX_TOTAL_MEMORY. More...
void * m_statement
 Internal data. More...
unsigned long long m_lock_time
 Locked time. More...
unsigned long long m_rows_sent
 Rows sent. More...
unsigned long long m_rows_examined
 Rows examined. More...
unsigned long m_created_tmp_disk_tables
 Metric, temporary tables created on disk. More...
unsigned long m_created_tmp_tables
 Metric, temporary tables created. More...
unsigned long m_select_full_join
 Metric, number of select full join. More...
unsigned long m_select_full_range_join
 Metric, number of select full range join. More...
unsigned long m_select_range
 Metric, number of select range. More...
unsigned long m_select_range_check
 Metric, number of select range check. More...
unsigned long m_select_scan
 Metric, number of select scan. More...
unsigned long m_sort_merge_passes
 Metric, number of sort merge passes. More...
unsigned long m_sort_range
 Metric, number of sort merge. More...
unsigned long m_sort_rows
 Metric, number of sort rows. More...
unsigned long m_sort_scan
 Metric, number of sort scans. More...
const struct sql_digest_storagem_digest
 Statement digest. More...
char m_schema_name [PSI_SCHEMA_NAME_LEN]
 Current schema name. More...
unsigned int m_schema_name_length
 Length in bytes of m_schema_name. More...
unsigned int m_cs_number
 Statement character set number. More...
const char * m_query_sample
 Statement query sample. More...
unsigned int m_query_sample_length
 Length in bytes of m_query_sample. More...
bool m_query_sample_truncated
 True if m_query_sample was truncated. More...
uint64_t m_telemetry_scope
 Telemetry can force instruments creation regardless if the respective consumer is enabled or not through configuration. More...
void * m_telemetry
telemetry_session_t * m_telemetry_session
telemetry_locker_t * m_telemetry_locker

Detailed Description

State data storage for get_thread_statement_locker_v5_t.

This structure provide temporary storage to a statement locker. The content of this structure is considered opaque, the fields are only hints of what an implementation of the psi interface can use. This memory is provided by the instrumented code for performance reasons.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_class

void* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_class

Instrumentation class.

◆ m_collect_flags

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_collect_flags

Internal state.

◆ m_controlled_local_size_start

size_t PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_controlled_local_size_start

State temporary data for CONTROLLED_MEMORY.

◆ m_controlled_stmt_size_start

size_t PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_controlled_stmt_size_start

State temporary data for MAX_CONTROLLED_MEMORY.

◆ m_cpu_time_start

unsigned long long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_cpu_time_start

THREAD CPU time start.

◆ m_created_tmp_disk_tables

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_created_tmp_disk_tables

Metric, temporary tables created on disk.

◆ m_created_tmp_tables

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_created_tmp_tables

Metric, temporary tables created.

◆ m_cs_number

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_cs_number

Statement character set number.

◆ m_digest

const struct sql_digest_storage* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_digest

Statement digest.

◆ m_in_prepare

bool PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_in_prepare

In prepare flag.

◆ m_lock_time

unsigned long long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_lock_time

Locked time.

◆ m_no_good_index_used

unsigned char PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_no_good_index_used

Metric, no good index used flag.

◆ m_no_index_used

unsigned char PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_no_index_used

Metric, no index used flag.

◆ m_parent_prepared_stmt

PSI_prepared_stmt* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_parent_prepared_stmt

◆ m_parent_sp_share

PSI_sp_share* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_parent_sp_share

◆ m_pfs_flags

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_pfs_flags

Internal PFS flags.

◆ m_query_sample

const char* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_query_sample

Statement query sample.

◆ m_query_sample_length

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_query_sample_length

Length in bytes of m_query_sample.

◆ m_query_sample_truncated

bool PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_query_sample_truncated

True if m_query_sample was truncated.

◆ m_rows_examined

unsigned long long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_rows_examined

Rows examined.

◆ m_rows_sent

unsigned long long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_rows_sent

Rows sent.

◆ m_schema_name

char PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_schema_name[PSI_SCHEMA_NAME_LEN]

Current schema name.

◆ m_schema_name_length

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_schema_name_length

Length in bytes of m_schema_name.

◆ m_secondary

bool PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_secondary

Using secondary engine.

◆ m_select_full_join

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_select_full_join

Metric, number of select full join.

◆ m_select_full_range_join

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_select_full_range_join

Metric, number of select full range join.

◆ m_select_range

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_select_range

Metric, number of select range.

◆ m_select_range_check

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_select_range_check

Metric, number of select range check.

◆ m_select_scan

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_select_scan

Metric, number of select scan.

◆ m_sort_merge_passes

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_sort_merge_passes

Metric, number of sort merge passes.

◆ m_sort_range

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_sort_range

Metric, number of sort merge.

◆ m_sort_rows

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_sort_rows

Metric, number of sort rows.

◆ m_sort_scan

unsigned long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_sort_scan

Metric, number of sort scans.

◆ m_statement

void* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_statement

Internal data.

◆ m_tel_flags

unsigned int PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_tel_flags

Internal telemetry flags.

◆ m_telemetry

void* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_telemetry

◆ m_telemetry_locker

telemetry_locker_t* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_telemetry_locker

◆ m_telemetry_scope

uint64_t PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_telemetry_scope

Telemetry can force instruments creation regardless if the respective consumer is enabled or not through configuration.

◆ m_telemetry_session

telemetry_session_t* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_telemetry_session

◆ m_thread

struct PSI_thread* PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_thread

Current thread.

◆ m_timer_start

unsigned long long PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_timer_start

Timer start.

◆ m_total_local_size_start

size_t PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_total_local_size_start

State temporary data for TOTAL_MEMORY.

◆ m_total_stmt_size_start

size_t PSI_statement_locker_state_v5::m_total_stmt_size_start

State temporary data for MAX_TOTAL_MEMORY.

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