MySQL 8.3.0
Source Code Documentation

#include <psi_statement_bits.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_flags
 Internal state. More...
struct PSI_threadm_thread
 Current thread. More...
unsigned long long m_timer_start
 Timer start. More...
unsigned long long(* m_timer )(void)
 Timer function. More...
 Stored Procedure share. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_flags

unsigned int PSI_sp_locker_state_v1::m_flags

Internal state.

◆ m_sp_share

PSI_sp_share* PSI_sp_locker_state_v1::m_sp_share

Stored Procedure share.

◆ m_thread

struct PSI_thread* PSI_sp_locker_state_v1::m_thread

Current thread.

◆ m_timer

unsigned long long(* PSI_sp_locker_state_v1::m_timer) (void)

Timer function.

◆ m_timer_start

unsigned long long PSI_sp_locker_state_v1::m_timer_start

Timer start.

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