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State data storage for start_metadata_wait_v1_t. More...

#include <psi_mdl_bits.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_flags
 Internal state. More...
struct PSI_metadata_lockm_metadata_lock
 Current metadata lock. More...
struct PSI_threadm_thread
 Current thread. More...
unsigned long long m_timer_start
 Timer start. More...
unsigned long long(* m_timer )(void)
 Timer function. More...
void * m_wait
 Internal data. More...

Detailed Description

State data storage for start_metadata_wait_v1_t.

This structure provide temporary storage to a metadata locker. The content of this structure is considered opaque, the fields are only hints of what an implementation of the psi interface can use. This memory is provided by the instrumented code for performance reasons.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_flags

unsigned int PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_flags

Internal state.

◆ m_metadata_lock

struct PSI_metadata_lock* PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_metadata_lock

Current metadata lock.

◆ m_thread

struct PSI_thread* PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_thread

Current thread.

◆ m_timer

unsigned long long(* PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_timer) (void)

Timer function.

◆ m_timer_start

unsigned long long PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_timer_start

Timer start.

◆ m_wait

void* PSI_metadata_locker_state_v1::m_wait

Internal data.

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