MySQL 9.0.0
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Row fragment for table I/O statistics columns. More...

#include <table_helper.h>

Public Member Functions

void set (time_normalizer *normalizer, const PFS_table_io_stat *stat)
 Build a row from a memory buffer. More...

Public Attributes

PFS_stat_row m_all
PFS_stat_row m_all_read
PFS_stat_row m_all_write
PFS_stat_row m_fetch
PFS_stat_row m_insert
PFS_stat_row m_update
PFS_stat_row m_delete

Detailed Description

Row fragment for table I/O statistics columns.

Member Function Documentation

◆ set()

void PFS_table_io_stat_row::set ( time_normalizer normalizer,
const PFS_table_io_stat stat 

Build a row from a memory buffer.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_all

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_all

◆ m_all_read

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_all_read

◆ m_all_write

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_all_write

◆ m_delete

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_delete

◆ m_fetch

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_fetch

◆ m_insert

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_insert

◆ m_update

PFS_stat_row PFS_table_io_stat_row::m_update

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