MySQL 8.4.0
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PFS_statements_digest_stat Struct Reference

A statement digest stat record. More...

#include <pfs_digest.h>

Public Member Functions

void reset_data (unsigned char *token_array, size_t token_array_length, char *query_sample_array)
 Reset data for this record. More...
void reset_index (PFS_thread *thread)
 Reset data and remove index for this record. More...
ulonglong get_sample_age () const
 Get the age in micro seconds of the last query sample. More...
void set_sample_timer_wait (ulonglong wait_time)
 Set the query sample wait time. More...
ulonglong get_sample_timer_wait ()
 Get the query sample wait time. More...
uint inc_sample_ref ()
 Increment the query sample reference count. More...
uint dec_sample_ref ()
 Decrement the query sample reference count. More...

Public Attributes

pfs_lock m_lock
 Internal lock. More...
PFS_digest_key m_digest_key
 Digest Schema + Digest Hash. More...
sql_digest_storage m_digest_storage
 Digest Storage. More...
PFS_statement_stat m_stat
 Statement stat. More...
char * m_query_sample
 Query sample SQL text. More...
size_t m_query_sample_length
 Length of m_query_sample. More...
bool m_query_sample_truncated
 True if m_query_sample was truncated. More...
uint m_query_sample_cs_number
 Statement character set number. More...
ulonglong m_query_sample_seen
 Query sample seen timestamp. More...
std::atomic< std::uint64_t > m_query_sample_timer_wait
 Query sample timer wait. More...
std::atomic< std::uint32_t > m_query_sample_refs
 Query sample reference count. More...
ulonglong m_first_seen
 First and last seen timestamps. More...
ulonglong m_last_seen
PFS_histogram m_histogram

Detailed Description

A statement digest stat record.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dec_sample_ref()

uint PFS_statements_digest_stat::dec_sample_ref ( )

Decrement the query sample reference count.

◆ get_sample_age()

ulonglong PFS_statements_digest_stat::get_sample_age ( ) const

Get the age in micro seconds of the last query sample.

◆ get_sample_timer_wait()

ulonglong PFS_statements_digest_stat::get_sample_timer_wait ( )

Get the query sample wait time.

◆ inc_sample_ref()

uint PFS_statements_digest_stat::inc_sample_ref ( )

Increment the query sample reference count.

◆ reset_data()

void PFS_statements_digest_stat::reset_data ( unsigned char *  token_array,
size_t  token_array_length,
char *  query_sample_array 

Reset data for this record.

◆ reset_index()

void PFS_statements_digest_stat::reset_index ( PFS_thread thread)

Reset data and remove index for this record.

◆ set_sample_timer_wait()

void PFS_statements_digest_stat::set_sample_timer_wait ( ulonglong  wait_time)

Set the query sample wait time.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_digest_key

PFS_digest_key PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_digest_key

Digest Schema + Digest Hash.

◆ m_digest_storage

sql_digest_storage PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_digest_storage

Digest Storage.

◆ m_first_seen

ulonglong PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_first_seen

First and last seen timestamps.

◆ m_histogram

PFS_histogram PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_histogram

◆ m_last_seen

ulonglong PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_last_seen

◆ m_lock

pfs_lock PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_lock

Internal lock.

◆ m_query_sample

char* PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample

Query sample SQL text.

◆ m_query_sample_cs_number

uint PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_cs_number

Statement character set number.

◆ m_query_sample_length

size_t PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_length

Length of m_query_sample.

◆ m_query_sample_refs

std::atomic<std::uint32_t> PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_refs

Query sample reference count.

◆ m_query_sample_seen

ulonglong PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_seen

Query sample seen timestamp.

◆ m_query_sample_timer_wait

std::atomic<std::uint64_t> PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_timer_wait

Query sample timer wait.

◆ m_query_sample_truncated

bool PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_query_sample_truncated

True if m_query_sample was truncated.

◆ m_stat

PFS_statement_stat PFS_statements_digest_stat::m_stat

Statement stat.

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