MySQL 8.4.0
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PFS_events_transactions Struct Reference

A transaction record. More...

#include <pfs_events_transactions.h>

Inheritance diagram for PFS_events_transactions:

Public Types

using Tsid_plain = mysql::gtid::Tsid_plain
 Source identifier, mapped from internal format. More...

Public Attributes

Tsid_plain m_tsid
ulonglong m_trxid
 InnoDB transaction ID. More...
enum_transaction_state m_state
 Status. More...
Gtid_specification m_gtid_spec
 Global Transaction ID specifier. More...
bool m_xa
 True if XA transaction. More...
PSI_xid m_xid
 XA transaction ID. More...
enum_xa_transaction_state m_xa_state
 XA status. More...
enum_isolation_level m_isolation_level
 Transaction isolation level. More...
bool m_read_only
 True if read-only transaction, otherwise read-write. More...
bool m_autocommit
 True if autocommit transaction. More...
ulonglong m_savepoint_count
 Total number of savepoints. More...
ulonglong m_rollback_to_savepoint_count
 Number of rollback_to_savepoint. More...
ulonglong m_release_savepoint_count
 Number of release_savepoint. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from PFS_events
ulonglong m_thread_internal_id
 THREAD_ID. More...
ulonglong m_event_id
 EVENT_ID. More...
ulonglong m_end_event_id
 END_EVENT_ID. More...
enum_event_type m_event_type
 (EVENT_TYPE) More...
ulonglong m_nesting_event_id
enum_event_type m_nesting_event_type
uint m_nesting_event_level
 Instrument metadata. More...
ulonglong m_timer_start
 Timer start. More...
ulonglong m_timer_end
 Timer end. More...
const char * m_source_file
 Location of the instrumentation in the source code (file name). More...
uint m_source_line
 Location of the instrumentation in the source code (line number). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from PFS_events
PFS_eventsoperator= (const PFS_events &rhs)=default

Detailed Description

A transaction record.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Tsid_plain

Source identifier, mapped from internal format.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_autocommit

bool PFS_events_transactions::m_autocommit

True if autocommit transaction.

◆ m_gtid_spec

Gtid_specification PFS_events_transactions::m_gtid_spec

Global Transaction ID specifier.

◆ m_isolation_level

enum_isolation_level PFS_events_transactions::m_isolation_level

Transaction isolation level.

◆ m_read_only

bool PFS_events_transactions::m_read_only

True if read-only transaction, otherwise read-write.

◆ m_release_savepoint_count

ulonglong PFS_events_transactions::m_release_savepoint_count

Number of release_savepoint.

◆ m_rollback_to_savepoint_count

ulonglong PFS_events_transactions::m_rollback_to_savepoint_count

Number of rollback_to_savepoint.

◆ m_savepoint_count

ulonglong PFS_events_transactions::m_savepoint_count

Total number of savepoints.

◆ m_state

enum_transaction_state PFS_events_transactions::m_state


◆ m_trxid

ulonglong PFS_events_transactions::m_trxid

InnoDB transaction ID.

◆ m_tsid

Tsid_plain PFS_events_transactions::m_tsid

◆ m_xa

bool PFS_events_transactions::m_xa

True if XA transaction.

◆ m_xa_state

enum_xa_transaction_state PFS_events_transactions::m_xa_state

XA status.

◆ m_xid

PSI_xid PFS_events_transactions::m_xid

XA transaction ID.

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