MySQL 8.4.0
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Mysqlx::Error Struct Reference

Generic Error message. More...

Public Types

enum  Severity { ERROR = 0 , FATAL = 1 }

Public Attributes

optional Severity severity = 1 [ default = ERROR ]
 severity of the error message More...
required uint32 code = 2
 error code More...
required string sql_state = 4
 SQL state. More...
required string msg = 3
 human-readable error message More...
ServerMessages::Type server_message_id = ERROR

Detailed Description

Generic Error message.

A severity of ERROR indicates the current message sequence is aborted for the given error and the session is ready for more.

In case of a FATAL error message the client should not expect the server to continue handling any further messages and should close the connection.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Severity


Member Data Documentation

◆ code

required uint32 Mysqlx::Error::code = 2

error code

◆ msg

required string Mysqlx::Error::msg = 3

human-readable error message

◆ server_message_id

ServerMessages::Type Mysqlx::Error::server_message_id = ERROR

◆ severity

optional Severity Mysqlx::Error::severity = 1 [ default = ERROR ]

severity of the error message

◆ sql_state

required string Mysqlx::Error::sql_state = 4

SQL state.

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