MySQL 8.4.0
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MY_XML_PARSER Struct Reference

#include <my_xml.h>

Public Attributes

int flags
enum my_xml_node_type current_node_type
char errstr [128]
struct {
   char   static_buffer [128]
   char *   buffer
   size_t   buffer_size
   char *   start
   char *   end
const char * beg
const char * cur
const char * end
void * user_data
int(* enter )(MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)
int(* value )(MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)
int(* leave_xml )(MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)

Member Data Documentation


struct { ... } MY_XML_PARSER::attr

◆ beg

const char* MY_XML_PARSER::beg

◆ buffer

char* MY_XML_PARSER::buffer

◆ buffer_size

size_t MY_XML_PARSER::buffer_size

◆ cur

const char* MY_XML_PARSER::cur

◆ current_node_type

enum my_xml_node_type MY_XML_PARSER::current_node_type

◆ end [1/2]

char* MY_XML_PARSER::end

◆ end [2/2]

const char* MY_XML_PARSER::end

◆ enter

int(* MY_XML_PARSER::enter) (MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)

◆ errstr

char MY_XML_PARSER::errstr[128]

◆ flags

int MY_XML_PARSER::flags

◆ leave_xml

int(* MY_XML_PARSER::leave_xml) (MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)

◆ start

char* MY_XML_PARSER::start

◆ static_buffer

char MY_XML_PARSER::static_buffer[128]

◆ user_data

void* MY_XML_PARSER::user_data

◆ value

int(* MY_XML_PARSER::value) (MY_XML_PARSER *st, const char *val, size_t len)

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