MySQL 8.3.0
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MI_STATE_INFO Struct Reference

#include <myisamdef.h>

Public Attributes

struct {
   uchar   file_version [4]
   uchar   options [2]
   uchar   header_length [2]
   uchar   state_info_length [2]
   uchar   base_info_length [2]
   uchar   base_pos [2]
   uchar   key_parts [2]
   uchar   unique_key_parts [2]
   uchar   keys
   uchar   uniques
   uchar   language
   uchar   max_block_size_index
   uchar   fulltext_keys
   uchar   not_used
ha_rows split
my_off_t dellink
ulonglong auto_increment
ulong process
ulong unique
ulong update_count
ulong status
ulong * rec_per_key_part
my_off_t rec_per_key_rows
ulong sec_index_changed
ulong sec_index_used
ulonglong key_map
ha_checksum checksum
ulong version
time_t create_time
time_t recover_time
time_t check_time
uint sortkey
uint open_count
uint8 changed
uint state_diff_length
uint state_length
ulong * key_info

Member Data Documentation

◆ auto_increment

ulonglong MI_STATE_INFO::auto_increment

◆ base_info_length

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::base_info_length[2]

◆ base_pos

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::base_pos[2]

◆ changed

uint8 MI_STATE_INFO::changed

◆ check_time

time_t MI_STATE_INFO::check_time

◆ checksum

ha_checksum MI_STATE_INFO::checksum

◆ create_time

time_t MI_STATE_INFO::create_time

◆ dellink

my_off_t MI_STATE_INFO::dellink

◆ file_version

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::file_version[4]

◆ fulltext_keys

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::fulltext_keys


struct { ... } MI_STATE_INFO::header

◆ header_length

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::header_length[2]

◆ key_del

my_off_t* MI_STATE_INFO::key_del

◆ key_info

ulong* MI_STATE_INFO::key_info

◆ key_map

ulonglong MI_STATE_INFO::key_map

◆ key_parts

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::key_parts[2]

◆ key_root

my_off_t* MI_STATE_INFO::key_root

◆ keys

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::keys

◆ language

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::language

◆ max_block_size_index

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::max_block_size_index

◆ not_used

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::not_used

◆ open_count

uint MI_STATE_INFO::open_count

◆ options

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::options[2]

◆ process

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::process

◆ rec_per_key_part

ulong* MI_STATE_INFO::rec_per_key_part

◆ rec_per_key_rows

my_off_t MI_STATE_INFO::rec_per_key_rows

◆ recover_time

time_t MI_STATE_INFO::recover_time

◆ sec_index_changed

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::sec_index_changed

◆ sec_index_used

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::sec_index_used

◆ sortkey

uint MI_STATE_INFO::sortkey

◆ split

ha_rows MI_STATE_INFO::split

◆ state


◆ state_diff_length

uint MI_STATE_INFO::state_diff_length

◆ state_info_length

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::state_info_length[2]

◆ state_length

uint MI_STATE_INFO::state_length

◆ status

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::status

◆ unique

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::unique

◆ unique_key_parts

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::unique_key_parts[2]

◆ uniques

uchar MI_STATE_INFO::uniques

◆ update_count

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::update_count

◆ version

ulong MI_STATE_INFO::version

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