MySQL 8.3.0
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MI_BASE_INFO Struct Reference

#include <myisamdef.h>

Public Attributes

my_off_t keystart
my_off_t max_data_file_length
my_off_t max_key_file_length
my_off_t margin_key_file_length
ha_rows records
ha_rows reloc
ulong mean_row_length
ulong reclength
ulong pack_reclength
ulong min_pack_length
ulong max_pack_length
ulong min_block_length
ulong fields
ulong pack_fields
uint rec_reflength
uint key_reflength
uint keys
uint auto_key
uint blobs
uint pack_bits
uint max_key_block_length
uint max_key_length
uint extra_alloc_bytes
uint extra_alloc_procent
uint key_parts
uint all_key_parts

Member Data Documentation

◆ all_key_parts

uint MI_BASE_INFO::all_key_parts

◆ auto_key

uint MI_BASE_INFO::auto_key

◆ blobs

uint MI_BASE_INFO::blobs

◆ extra_alloc_bytes

uint MI_BASE_INFO::extra_alloc_bytes

◆ extra_alloc_procent

uint MI_BASE_INFO::extra_alloc_procent

◆ fields

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::fields

◆ key_parts

uint MI_BASE_INFO::key_parts

◆ key_reflength

uint MI_BASE_INFO::key_reflength

◆ keys

uint MI_BASE_INFO::keys

◆ keystart

my_off_t MI_BASE_INFO::keystart

◆ margin_key_file_length

my_off_t MI_BASE_INFO::margin_key_file_length

◆ max_data_file_length

my_off_t MI_BASE_INFO::max_data_file_length

◆ max_key_block_length

uint MI_BASE_INFO::max_key_block_length

◆ max_key_file_length

my_off_t MI_BASE_INFO::max_key_file_length

◆ max_key_length

uint MI_BASE_INFO::max_key_length

◆ max_pack_length

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::max_pack_length

◆ mean_row_length

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::mean_row_length

◆ min_block_length

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::min_block_length

◆ min_pack_length

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::min_pack_length

◆ pack_bits

uint MI_BASE_INFO::pack_bits

◆ pack_fields

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::pack_fields

◆ pack_reclength

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::pack_reclength

◆ rec_reflength

uint MI_BASE_INFO::rec_reflength

◆ reclength

ulong MI_BASE_INFO::reclength

◆ records

ha_rows MI_BASE_INFO::records

◆ reloc

ha_rows MI_BASE_INFO::reloc

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