MySQL 8.4.0
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Fil_page_iterator Struct Reference

Public Attributes

pfs_os_file_t m_file
 File handle. More...
const char * m_filepath
 File path name. More...
os_offset_t m_start
 From where to start. More...
os_offset_t m_end
 Where to stop. More...
os_offset_t m_file_size
size_t m_page_size
 Page size. More...
size_t m_n_io_buffers
 Number of pages to use for I/O. More...
 Buffer to use for IO. More...
const Encryption_metadatam_encryption_metadata
 Encryption metadata. More...
size_t block_size
 FS Block Size. More...
Compression::Type m_compression_type {}
 Compression algorithm to be used if the table needs to be compressed. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ block_size

size_t Fil_page_iterator::block_size

FS Block Size.

◆ m_compression_type

Compression::Type Fil_page_iterator::m_compression_type {}

Compression algorithm to be used if the table needs to be compressed.

◆ m_encryption_metadata

const Encryption_metadata& Fil_page_iterator::m_encryption_metadata

Encryption metadata.

◆ m_end

os_offset_t Fil_page_iterator::m_end

Where to stop.

◆ m_file

pfs_os_file_t Fil_page_iterator::m_file

File handle.

◆ m_file_size

os_offset_t Fil_page_iterator::m_file_size

◆ m_filepath

const char* Fil_page_iterator::m_filepath

File path name.

◆ m_io_buffer

byte* Fil_page_iterator::m_io_buffer

Buffer to use for IO.

◆ m_n_io_buffers

size_t Fil_page_iterator::m_n_io_buffers

Number of pages to use for I/O.

◆ m_page_size

size_t Fil_page_iterator::m_page_size

Page size.

◆ m_start

os_offset_t Fil_page_iterator::m_start

From where to start.

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