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Column_parse_context Struct Reference

Parse context for column type attribute specific parse tree nodes. More...

#include <parse_tree_column_attrs.h>

Inheritance diagram for Column_parse_context:

Public Member Functions

 Column_parse_context (THD *thd_arg, Query_block *select_arg, bool is_generated)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Parse_context
bool finalize_query_expression ()
 Call upon parse completion. More...
 Parse_context (THD *thd, Query_block *sl)
bool is_top_level_union_all (Surrounding_context op)
 Determine if there is anything but UNION ALL above in m_stack. More...

Public Attributes

const bool is_generated
 Owner column is a generated one. More...
std::vector< CreateFieldAppliercf_appliers
- Public Attributes inherited from Parse_context
THD *const thd
 Current thread handler. More...
 Current MEM_ROOT. More...
 Current Query_block object. More...
mem_root_deque< QueryLevelm_stack
 Aids query term tree construction. More...

Detailed Description

Parse context for column type attribute specific parse tree nodes.

For internal use in the contextualization code.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Column_parse_context()

Column_parse_context::Column_parse_context ( THD thd_arg,
Query_block select_arg,
bool  is_generated 

Member Data Documentation

◆ cf_appliers

std::vector<CreateFieldApplier> Column_parse_context::cf_appliers

◆ is_generated

const bool Column_parse_context::is_generated

Owner column is a generated one.

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