MySQL 8.4.0
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Clone_Task Struct Reference

Task for clone operation. More...

#include <clone0clone.h>

Public Attributes

Clone_Task_Meta m_task_meta
 Task Meta data. More...
Clone_Task_State m_task_state
 Task state. More...
 Serial descriptor byte string. More...
uint m_alloc_len
 Serial descriptor allocated length. More...
bool m_pinned_file
 If task is currently pinning file. More...
pfs_os_file_t m_current_file_des
 Current file descriptor. More...
uint m_current_file_index
 Current file index. More...
bool m_file_cache
 Data files are read using OS buffer cache. More...
bool m_is_master
 If master task. More...
bool m_has_thd
 If task has associated session. More...
bool m_ignore_sync
 Ignore debug sync point. More...
int m_debug_counter
 Counter to restart in different state. More...
 Allocated buffer. More...
uint m_buffer_alloc_len
 Allocated buffer length. More...
uint32_t m_data_size
 Data transferred for current chunk in bytes. More...

Detailed Description

Task for clone operation.

Multiple task can concurrently work on a clone operation.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_alloc_len

uint Clone_Task::m_alloc_len

Serial descriptor allocated length.

◆ m_buffer_alloc_len

uint Clone_Task::m_buffer_alloc_len

Allocated buffer length.

◆ m_current_buffer

byte* Clone_Task::m_current_buffer

Allocated buffer.

◆ m_current_file_des

pfs_os_file_t Clone_Task::m_current_file_des

Current file descriptor.

◆ m_current_file_index

uint Clone_Task::m_current_file_index

Current file index.

◆ m_data_size

uint32_t Clone_Task::m_data_size

Data transferred for current chunk in bytes.

◆ m_debug_counter

int Clone_Task::m_debug_counter

Counter to restart in different state.

◆ m_file_cache

bool Clone_Task::m_file_cache

Data files are read using OS buffer cache.

◆ m_has_thd

bool Clone_Task::m_has_thd

If task has associated session.

◆ m_ignore_sync

bool Clone_Task::m_ignore_sync

Ignore debug sync point.

◆ m_is_master

bool Clone_Task::m_is_master

If master task.

◆ m_pinned_file

bool Clone_Task::m_pinned_file

If task is currently pinning file.

Before opening the file we must have a pin on file metadata.

◆ m_serial_desc

byte* Clone_Task::m_serial_desc

Serial descriptor byte string.

◆ m_task_meta

Clone_Task_Meta Clone_Task::m_task_meta

Task Meta data.

◆ m_task_state

Clone_Task_State Clone_Task::m_task_state

Task state.

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