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Chunk_Info Struct Reference

Incomplete Chunk information. More...

#include <clone0desc.h>

Public Member Functions

void init_chunk_nums ()
 Initialize Chunk number ranges. More...
void serialize (byte *desc_chunk, uint &len)
 Serialize the descriptor. More...
void deserialize (const byte *desc_chunk, uint &len_left)
 Deserialize the descriptor. More...
size_t get_serialized_length (uint32_t num_tasks)
 Get the length of serialized data. More...

Public Attributes

Chnunk_Bitmap m_reserved_chunks
 Information about chunks completed. More...
Chunk_Map m_incomplete_chunks
 Information about unfinished chunks. More...
uint32_t m_total_chunks
 Chunks for current state. More...
uint32_t m_min_unres_chunk
 Minimum chunk number that is not reserved yet. More...
uint32_t m_max_res_chunk
 Maximum chunk number that is already reserved. More...

Detailed Description

Incomplete Chunk information.

Member Function Documentation

◆ deserialize()

void Chunk_Info::deserialize ( const byte desc_chunk,
uint &  len_left 

Deserialize the descriptor.

[in]desc_chunkserialized chunk info
[in,out]len_leftlength left in bytes

◆ get_serialized_length()

size_t Chunk_Info::get_serialized_length ( uint32_t  num_tasks)

Get the length of serialized data.

[in]num_tasksnumber of tasks to include
length serialized chunk info

◆ init_chunk_nums()

void Chunk_Info::init_chunk_nums ( )

Initialize Chunk number ranges.

◆ serialize()

void Chunk_Info::serialize ( byte desc_chunk,
uint &  len 

Serialize the descriptor.

Caller should pass the length if allocated.

[out]desc_chunkserialized chunk info
[in,out]lenlength of serialized descriptor

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_incomplete_chunks

Chunk_Map Chunk_Info::m_incomplete_chunks

Information about unfinished chunks.

◆ m_max_res_chunk

uint32_t Chunk_Info::m_max_res_chunk

Maximum chunk number that is already reserved.

◆ m_min_unres_chunk

uint32_t Chunk_Info::m_min_unres_chunk

Minimum chunk number that is not reserved yet.

◆ m_reserved_chunks

Chnunk_Bitmap Chunk_Info::m_reserved_chunks

Information about chunks completed.

◆ m_total_chunks

uint32_t Chunk_Info::m_total_chunks

Chunks for current state.

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