MySQL 8.0.32
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namespace  anonymous_namespace{}


using anonymous_namespace{}::recovery_statistics = std::pair< std::tuple< size_t, size_t, size_t >, std::tuple< size_t, size_t, size_t > >
 Pair of tuples used to store the information about success and failures of committing, rolling back or preparing transactions. More...


void anonymous_namespace{}::recover_one_internal_trx (xarecover_st const &info, handlerton &ht, XA_recover_txn const &xa_trx, my_xid xid, ::recovery_statistics &stats)
 Processes an internally coordinated transaction against the transaction coordinator internal state. More...
void anonymous_namespace{}::recover_one_external_trx (xarecover_st const &info, handlerton &ht, XA_recover_txn const &xa_trx, ::recovery_statistics &stats)
 Processes an externally coordinated transaction against the transaction coordinator internal state. More...
template<size_t state, size_t counter>
void anonymous_namespace{}::add_to_stats (::recovery_statistics &stats)
 Changes the given stats object by adding 1 to the given counter counter in the tuple state. More...
bool anonymous_namespace{}::has_failures (::recovery_statistics const &stats)
 Checks if there are any non-zero failure counters in the fiven statistics object. More...
std::string anonymous_namespace{}::print_stats (::recovery_statistics const &internal_stats, ::recovery_statistics const &external_stats)
 Composes a string presenting the statistics for the given objects. More...
bool anonymous_namespace{}::print_stat (::recovery_statistics const &stats, std::string const &trx_type, std::ostringstream &oss)
 Prints to the given string stream the textual representation of the statistics stored in the given object. More...
template<typename ID >
void anonymous_namespace{}::report_trx_recovery_error (int error, ID const &id, handlerton const &ht, enum xa_status_code failure_code, bool is_xa=false)
 Logs a message to the error log about failure to commit, rollback or prepare a transaction. More...
enum xa_status_code anonymous_namespace{}::generate_xa_recovery_error ()
 Returns an XA status code according to active debug symbols. More...


constexpr size_t anonymous_namespace{}::STATS_FAILURE = 0
constexpr size_t anonymous_namespace{}::STATS_SUCCESS = 1
constexpr size_t anonymous_namespace{}::STATS_COMMITTED = 0
constexpr size_t anonymous_namespace{}::STATS_ROLLEDBACK = 1
constexpr size_t anonymous_namespace{}::STATS_PREPARED = 2