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service_rpl_transaction_write_set.h File Reference

This service provides a function for plugins to get the write set of a given transaction. More...

#include <stdlib.h>

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struct  Transaction_write_set
 This structure is used to keep the list of the hash values of the records changed in the transaction. More...
struct  transaction_write_set_service_st




Transaction_write_setget_transaction_write_set (unsigned long m_thread_id)
void require_full_write_set (bool requires_ws)
void set_write_set_memory_size_limit (uint64 size_limit)
void update_write_set_memory_size_limit (uint64 size_limit)


struct transaction_write_set_service_sttransaction_write_set_service

Detailed Description

This service provides a function for plugins to get the write set of a given transaction.

Implementation of service_rpl_transaction_write_set, see.

SYNOPSIS get_transaction_write_set() This service is used to fetch the write_set extracted for the currently executing transaction by passing the thread_id as an input parameter for the method.

[in]-thread_id - It is the thread identifier of the currently executing thread.

In the current implementation it is being called during RUN_HOOK macro, on which we know that thread is on plugin context.

Cleanup : The service caller must take of the memory allocated during the service call to prevent memory leaks.

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Function Documentation

◆ get_transaction_write_set()

Transaction_write_set * get_transaction_write_set ( unsigned long  m_thread_id)

◆ require_full_write_set()

void require_full_write_set ( bool  requires_ws)

◆ set_write_set_memory_size_limit()

void set_write_set_memory_size_limit ( uint64  size_limit)

◆ update_write_set_memory_size_limit()

void update_write_set_memory_size_limit ( uint64  size_limit)

Variable Documentation

◆ transaction_write_set_service

struct transaction_write_set_service_st * transaction_write_set_service