MySQL  8.0.23
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#include <rapidjson/fwd.h>

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 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.


typedef rapidjson::UTF8< char > dd::RJ_Encoding
typedef rapidjson::MemoryPoolAllocator< rapidjson::CrtAllocator > dd::RJ_Allocator
typedef rapidjson::GenericDocument< RJ_Encoding, RJ_Allocator, rapidjson::CrtAllocator > dd::RJ_Document
typedef rapidjson::GenericValue< RJ_Encoding, RJ_Allocator > dd::RJ_Value
typedef rapidjson::GenericStringBuffer< RJ_Encoding, rapidjson::CrtAllocator > dd::RJ_StringBuffer
typedef rapidjson::PrettyWriter< RJ_StringBuffer, RJ_Encoding, RJ_Encoding, RJ_Allocator, 0 > dd::RJ_PrettyWriter
using dd::RJ_Writer = rapidjson::Writer< RJ_StringBuffer, RJ_Encoding, RJ_Encoding, RJ_Allocator, 0 >
using dd::Sdi_writer = RJ_Writer
 Alias for the rapidjson Writer type to use in serialization. More...

Detailed Description

This header provides Rapidjson Type Aliases