MySQL 8.3.0
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psi_idle_bits.h File Reference

Performance schema instrumentation interface. More...

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struct  PSI_idle_locker_state_v1
 State data storage for start_idle_wait_v1_t. More...


typedef struct PSI_idle_locker PSI_idle_locker
typedef struct PSI_idle_locker_state_v1 PSI_idle_locker_state_v1
typedef struct PSI_idle_locker *(* start_idle_wait_v1_t) (struct PSI_idle_locker_state_v1 *state, const char *src_file, unsigned int src_line)
 Record an idle instrumentation wait start event. More...
typedef void(* end_idle_wait_v1_t) (struct PSI_idle_locker *locker)
 Record an idle instrumentation wait end event. More...
typedef struct PSI_idle_locker_state_v1 PSI_idle_locker_state

Detailed Description

Performance schema instrumentation interface.