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1 /* Copyright (c) 2008, 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
3  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
4  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.0,
5  as published by the Free Software Foundation.
7  This program is also distributed with certain software (including
8  but not limited to OpenSSL) that is licensed under separate terms,
9  as designated in a particular file or component or in included license
10  documentation. The authors of MySQL hereby grant you an additional
11  permission to link the program and your derivative works with the
12  separately licensed software that they have included with MySQL.
14  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
15  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
17  GNU General Public License, version 2.0, for more details.
19  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
20  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
21  Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */
26 /**
27  @file include/mysql/psi/psi_statement.h
28  Performance schema instrumentation interface.
30  @defgroup psi_abi_statement Statement Instrumentation (ABI)
31  @ingroup psi_abi
32  @{
33 */
35 #include "my_inttypes.h"
36 #include "my_macros.h"
39 #include "my_psi_config.h" // IWYU pragma: keep
41 #include "my_sharedlib.h"
44 /** Entry point for the performance schema interface. */
46  /**
47  ABI interface finder.
48  Calling this method with an interface version number returns either
49  an instance of the ABI for this version, or NULL.
53  */
54  void *(*get_interface)(int version);
55 };
60 /**
61  Performance Schema Statement Interface, version 1.
63 */
65  /* No binary compatibility with old PLUGIN */
67 };
69 /**
70  Performance Schema Statement Interface, version 2.
72 */
74  /** @sa register_statement_v1_t. */
76  /** @sa get_thread_statement_locker_v1_t. */
78  /** @sa refine_statement_v1_t. */
80  /** @sa start_statement_v1_t. */
82  /** @sa set_statement_text_v1_t. */
84  /** @sa set_statement_query_id. */
86  /** @sa set_statement_lock_time_t. */
88  /** @sa set_statement_rows_sent_t. */
90  /** @sa set_statement_rows_examined_t. */
92  /** @sa inc_statement_created_tmp_disk_tables. */
94  /** @sa inc_statement_created_tmp_tables. */
96  /** @sa inc_statement_select_full_join. */
98  /** @sa inc_statement_select_full_range_join. */
100  /** @sa inc_statement_select_range. */
102  /** @sa inc_statement_select_range_check. */
104  /** @sa inc_statement_select_scan. */
106  /** @sa inc_statement_sort_merge_passes. */
108  /** @sa inc_statement_sort_range. */
110  /** @sa inc_statement_sort_rows. */
112  /** @sa inc_statement_sort_scan. */
114  /** @sa set_statement_no_index_used. */
116  /** @sa set_statement_no_good_index_used. */
118  /** @sa end_statement_v1_t. */
121  /** @sa create_prepared_stmt_v1_t. */
123  /** @sa destroy_prepared_stmt_v1_t. */
125  /** @sa reprepare_prepared_stmt_v1_t. */
127  /** @sa execute_prepared_stmt_v1_t. */
129  /** @sa set_prepared_stmt_text_v1_t. */
132  /** @sa digest_start_v1_t. */
134  /** @sa digest_end_v1_t. */
137  /** @sa get_sp_share_v1_t. */
139  /** @sa release_sp_share_v1_t. */
141  /** @sa start_sp_v1_t. */
143  /** @sa start_sp_v1_t. */
145  /** @sa drop_sp_v1_t. */
147 };
155 /** @} (end of group psi_abi_statement) */
157 #endif /* MYSQL_PSI_STATEMENT_H */
struct PSI_statement_locker *(* refine_statement_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, PSI_statement_key key)
Refine a statement locker to a more specific key.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:250
void(* destroy_prepared_stmt_v1_t)(PSI_prepared_stmt *prepared_stmt)
destroy a prepare statement.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:441
void(* inc_statement_sort_merge_passes_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "sort merge passes" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:372
void(* inc_statement_sort_rows_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "sort rows" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:388
void(* inc_statement_select_full_range_join_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "select full range join" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:340
MYSQL_PLUGIN_IMPORT PSI_statement_service_t * psi_statement_service
void(* set_statement_text_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, const char *text, unsigned int text_len)
Set the statement text for a statement event.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:274
void(* inc_statement_select_range_check_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "select range check" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:356
void(* inc_statement_select_scan_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "select scan" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:364
void(* register_statement_v1_t)(const char *category, struct PSI_statement_info_v1 *info, int count)
Statement registration API.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:227
void(* reprepare_prepared_stmt_v1_t)(PSI_prepared_stmt *prepared_stmt)
repreare a prepare statement.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:447
void(* inc_statement_sort_scan_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "sort scan" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:396
PSI_prepared_stmt *(* create_prepared_stmt_v1_t)(void *identity, unsigned int stmt_id, PSI_statement_locker *locker, const char *stmt_name, size_t stmt_name_length, const char *sql_text, size_t sql_text_length)
Get a prepare statement.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:432
void(* execute_prepared_stmt_v1_t)(PSI_statement_locker *locker, PSI_prepared_stmt *prepared_stmt)
Record a prepare statement instrumentation execute event.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:454
void(* set_statement_no_index_used_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker)
Set a statement event "no index used" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:403
struct PSI_digest_locker *(* digest_start_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker)
Get a digest locker for the current statement.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:470
void(* inc_statement_sort_range_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "sort range" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:380
void(* start_statement_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, const char *db, unsigned int db_length, const char *src_file, unsigned int src_line)
Start a new statement event.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:261
void(* release_sp_share_v1_t)(struct PSI_sp_share *share)
Release a stored program share.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:499
struct PSI_sp_share *(* get_sp_share_v1_t)(unsigned int object_type, const char *schema_name, unsigned int schema_name_length, const char *object_name, unsigned int object_name_length)
Acquire a sp share instrumentation.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:490
void(* set_statement_query_id_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long long query_id)
Set a statement query id.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:284
PSI_sp_locker *(* start_sp_v1_t)(struct PSI_sp_locker_state_v1 *state, struct PSI_sp_share *sp_share)
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:501
void(* drop_sp_v1_t)(unsigned int object_type, const char *schema_name, unsigned int schema_name_length, const char *object_name, unsigned int object_name_length)
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:506
void(* set_statement_rows_examined_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long long count)
Set a statement event rows examined metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:308
void(* set_statement_no_good_index_used_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker)
Set a statement event "no good index used" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:410
struct PSI_statement_locker *(* get_thread_statement_locker_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker_state_v1 *state, PSI_statement_key key, const void *charset, PSI_sp_share *sp_share)
Get a statement instrumentation locker.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:239
void(* digest_end_v1_t)(struct PSI_digest_locker *locker, const struct sql_digest_storage *digest)
Add a computed digest to the current digest instrumentation.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:478
void(* inc_statement_select_range_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "select range join" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:348
void(* set_prepared_stmt_text_v1_t)(PSI_prepared_stmt *prepared_stmt, const char *text, unsigned int text_len)
Set the statement text for a prepared statment event.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:463
void(* end_sp_v1_t)(struct PSI_sp_locker *locker)
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:504
void(* inc_statement_select_full_join_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "select full join" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:332
void(* end_statement_v1_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, void *stmt_da)
End a statement event.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:419
void(* set_statement_lock_time_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long long lock_time)
Set a statement event lock time.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:292
void(* set_statement_rows_sent_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long long count)
Set a statement event rows sent metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:300
void(* inc_statement_created_tmp_disk_tables_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "created tmp disk tables" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:316
void(* inc_statement_created_tmp_tables_t)(struct PSI_statement_locker *locker, unsigned long count)
Increment a statement event "created tmp tables" metric.
Definition: psi_statement_bits.h:324
Some integer typedefs for easier portability.
Some common macros.
Defines various enable/disable and HAVE_ macros related to the performance schema instrumentation sys...
Functions related to handling of plugins and other dynamically loaded libraries.
Definition: my_sharedlib.h:70
Performance schema instrumentation interface.
required uint64 version
Definition: replication_group_member_actions.proto:40
Entry point for the performance schema interface.
Definition: psi_statement.h:45
Performance Schema Statement Interface, version 1.
Definition: psi_statement.h:64
void * this_interface_is_obsolete
Definition: psi_statement.h:66
Performance Schema Statement Interface, version 2.
Definition: psi_statement.h:73
inc_statement_select_full_range_join_t inc_statement_select_full_range_join
Definition: psi_statement.h:99
set_statement_query_id_t set_statement_query_id
Definition: psi_statement.h:85
inc_statement_created_tmp_tables_t inc_statement_created_tmp_tables
Definition: psi_statement.h:95
register_statement_v1_t register_statement
Definition: psi_statement.h:75
inc_statement_select_range_t inc_statement_select_range
Definition: psi_statement.h:101
set_statement_text_v1_t set_statement_text
Definition: psi_statement.h:83
get_sp_share_v1_t get_sp_share
Definition: psi_statement.h:138
destroy_prepared_stmt_v1_t destroy_prepared_stmt
Definition: psi_statement.h:124
end_statement_v1_t end_statement
Definition: psi_statement.h:119
inc_statement_sort_range_t inc_statement_sort_range
Definition: psi_statement.h:109
set_statement_lock_time_t set_statement_lock_time
Definition: psi_statement.h:87
inc_statement_select_full_join_t inc_statement_select_full_join
Definition: psi_statement.h:97
digest_end_v1_t digest_end
Definition: psi_statement.h:135
inc_statement_select_scan_t inc_statement_select_scan
Definition: psi_statement.h:105
inc_statement_select_range_check_t inc_statement_select_range_check
Definition: psi_statement.h:103
refine_statement_v1_t refine_statement
Definition: psi_statement.h:79
digest_start_v1_t digest_start
Definition: psi_statement.h:133
start_statement_v1_t start_statement
Definition: psi_statement.h:81
inc_statement_sort_scan_t inc_statement_sort_scan
Definition: psi_statement.h:113
set_statement_rows_sent_t set_statement_rows_sent
Definition: psi_statement.h:89
reprepare_prepared_stmt_v1_t reprepare_prepared_stmt
Definition: psi_statement.h:126
set_statement_no_index_used_t set_statement_no_index_used
Definition: psi_statement.h:115
inc_statement_sort_merge_passes_t inc_statement_sort_merge_passes
Definition: psi_statement.h:107
inc_statement_sort_rows_t inc_statement_sort_rows
Definition: psi_statement.h:111
set_statement_no_good_index_used_t set_statement_no_good_index_used
Definition: psi_statement.h:117
drop_sp_v1_t drop_sp
Definition: psi_statement.h:146
end_sp_v1_t end_sp
Definition: psi_statement.h:144
create_prepared_stmt_v1_t create_prepared_stmt
Definition: psi_statement.h:122
set_statement_rows_examined_t set_statement_rows_examined
Definition: psi_statement.h:91
start_sp_v1_t start_sp
Definition: psi_statement.h:142
release_sp_share_v1_t release_sp_share
Definition: psi_statement.h:140
inc_statement_created_tmp_disk_tables_t inc_statement_created_tmp_disk_tables
Definition: psi_statement.h:93
set_prepared_stmt_text_v1_t set_prepared_stmt_text
Definition: psi_statement.h:130
get_thread_statement_locker_v1_t get_thread_statement_locker
Definition: psi_statement.h:77
execute_prepared_stmt_v1_t execute_prepared_stmt
Definition: psi_statement.h:128