MySQL 8.4.0
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pfs_status.h File Reference

Status variables statistics (declarations). More...

#include "my_inttypes.h"
#include "sql/system_variables.h"

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struct  PFS_status_stats


void reset_status_by_thread ()
 Reset table STATUS_BY_THREAD data. More...
void reset_status_by_account ()
 Reset table STATUS_BY_ACCOUNT data. More...
void reset_status_by_user ()
 Reset table STATUS_BY_USER data. More...
void reset_status_by_host ()
 Reset table STATUS_BY_HOST data. More...
void reset_global_status ()
 Reset table GLOBAL_STATUS data. More...

Detailed Description

Status variables statistics (declarations).

Function Documentation

◆ reset_global_status()

void reset_global_status ( )

Reset table GLOBAL_STATUS data.

◆ reset_status_by_account()

void reset_status_by_account ( )

Reset table STATUS_BY_ACCOUNT data.

◆ reset_status_by_host()

void reset_status_by_host ( )

Reset table STATUS_BY_HOST data.

◆ reset_status_by_thread()

void reset_status_by_thread ( )

Reset table STATUS_BY_THREAD data.

◆ reset_status_by_user()

void reset_status_by_user ( )

Reset table STATUS_BY_USER data.