MySQL  8.0.19
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COM_STMT_EXECUTE asks the server to execute a prepared statement as identified by statement_id.

It sends the values for the placeholders of the prepared statement (if it contained any) in Binary Protocol Value form. The type of each parameter is made up of two bytes:

  • the type as in enum_field_types
  • a flag byte which has the highest bit set if the type is unsigned [80]

The num_params used for this packet has to match the num_params of the COM_STMT_PREPARE_OK of the corresponsing prepared statement.

int<1> status [0x17] COM_STMT_EXECUTE
int<4> statement_id ID of the prepared statement to execute
int<1> flags Flags. See enum_cursor_type
int<4> iteration_count Number of times to execute the statement. Currently always 1.
if num_params > 0 {
binary<var> null_bitmap NULL bitmap, length= (num_params + 7) / 8
int<1> new_params_bind_flag Flag if parameters must be re-bound
if new_params_bind_flag {
binary<var> parameter_types Type of each parameter, length: num_params * 2
binary<var> parameter_values value of each parameter
12 00 00 00 17 01 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 01 ................
0f 00 03 66 6f 6f

null_bitmap is like the NULL-bitmap for the Binary Protocol Resultset Row just that it has a bit_offset of 0.

See also
mysql_stmt_execute, cli_stmt_execute, mysql_stmt_precheck, mysqld_stmt_execute