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anonymous_namespace{} Namespace Reference


struct  HandleInfo
class  WindowsErrorGuard
 RAII guard which ensures that: More...


using HandleInfoAllocator = Malloc_allocator< HandleInfo >
using HandleInfoVector = std::vector< HandleInfo, HandleInfoAllocator >


size_t ToIndex (File fd)
int ToDescr (size_t hi)
bool IsValidIndex (size_t hi)
HandleInfo GetHandleInfo (File fd)
File RegisterHandle (HANDLE handle, int oflag)
HandleInfo UnregisterHandle (File fd)
File FileIndex (HANDLE handle)
LARGE_INTEGER MakeLargeInteger (int64_t src)
OVERLAPPED MakeOverlapped (DWORD l, DWORD h)
OVERLAPPED MakeOverlapped (int64_t src)
File my_win_sopen (const char *path, int oflag, int shflag, int pmode)
 Open a file with sharing. More...
File my_get_stdfile_descriptor (FILE *stream)


HandleInfoVectorhivp = nullptr

Typedef Documentation

◆ HandleInfoAllocator

using anonymous_namespace{}::HandleInfoAllocator = typedef Malloc_allocator<HandleInfo>

◆ HandleInfoVector

using anonymous_namespace{}::HandleInfoVector = typedef std::vector<HandleInfo, HandleInfoAllocator>

Function Documentation

◆ FileIndex()

File anonymous_namespace{}::FileIndex ( HANDLE  handle)

◆ GetHandleInfo()

HandleInfo anonymous_namespace{}::GetHandleInfo ( File  fd)

◆ IsValidIndex()

bool anonymous_namespace{}::IsValidIndex ( size_t  hi)

◆ MakeLargeInteger()

LARGE_INTEGER anonymous_namespace{}::MakeLargeInteger ( int64_t  src)

◆ MakeOverlapped() [1/2]

OVERLAPPED anonymous_namespace{}::MakeOverlapped ( DWORD  l,

◆ MakeOverlapped() [2/2]

OVERLAPPED anonymous_namespace{}::MakeOverlapped ( int64_t  src)

◆ my_get_stdfile_descriptor()

File anonymous_namespace{}::my_get_stdfile_descriptor ( FILE *  stream)

◆ my_win_sopen()

File anonymous_namespace{}::my_win_sopen ( const char *  path,
int  oflag,
int  shflag,
int  pmode 

Open a file with sharing.

Similar to _sopen() from libc, but allows managing share delete on win32.

pathfile name
oflagoperation flags
shflagshare flag
pmodepermission flags
Return values
Filedescriptor of opened file if success
-1and sets errno and/or LastError if fails.

◆ RegisterHandle()

File anonymous_namespace{}::RegisterHandle ( HANDLE  handle,
int  oflag 

◆ ToDescr()

int anonymous_namespace{}::ToDescr ( size_t  hi)

◆ ToIndex()

size_t anonymous_namespace{}::ToIndex ( File  fd)

◆ UnregisterHandle()

HandleInfo anonymous_namespace{}::UnregisterHandle ( File  fd)

Variable Documentation

◆ hivp

HandleInfoVector* anonymous_namespace{}::hivp = nullptr