MySQL 8.3.0
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anonymous_namespace{} Namespace Reference


class  Row_data_memory
 Class to handle temporary allocation of memory for row data. More...


void finish_transaction_in_engines (THD *thd, bool all, bool run_after_commit)
 Finishes the transaction in the engines. More...

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void anonymous_namespace{}::finish_transaction_in_engines ( THD thd,
bool  all,
bool  run_after_commit 

Finishes the transaction in the engines.

If the commit_low flag is set, will commit in the engines, otherwise, if the underlying statement is an XA ROLLBACK, it will rollback in the engines.

thdThe THD session object holding the transaction to finalize.
allFinalizing a transaction (i.e. true) or a statement (i.e. false).
run_after_commitIn the case of a commit being issued, whether or not to run the after_commit hook.