MySQL 8.4.0
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Mysqlx::Notice Namespace Reference

A notice. More...


struct  Frame
 Common frame for all notices. More...
struct  GroupReplicationStateChanged
 Notify clients about group replication state changes. More...
struct  ServerHello
 Notify clients about connection to X Protocol server. More...
struct  SessionStateChanged
 Notify clients about changes to the internal session state. More...
struct  SessionVariableChanged
 Notify clients about changes to the current session variables. More...
struct  Warning
 Server-side warnings and notes. More...

Detailed Description

A notice.

  • is sent from the server to the client
  • may be global or relate to the current message sequence

The server may send notices Mysqlx::Notice::Frame to the client at any time.

A notice can be:

  • global (.scope == GLOBAL) or
  • belong to the currently executed Message Sequence (.scope == LOCAL + message sequence is active):
If the Server sends a LOCAL notice while no message sequence is active, the Notice should be ignored.
For more information, see Notices.