MySQL  8.0.27
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my_list.h File Reference

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struct  LIST


#define list_rest(a)   ((a)->next)


typedef struct LIST LIST
typedef int(* list_walk_action) (void *, void *)


LISTlist_add (LIST *root, LIST *element)
LISTlist_delete (LIST *root, LIST *element)
LISTlist_cons (void *data, LIST *root)
LISTlist_reverse (LIST *root)
void list_free (LIST *root, unsigned int free_data)
unsigned int list_length (LIST *)
int list_walk (LIST *, list_walk_action action, unsigned char *argument)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ list_rest

#define list_rest (   a)    ((a)->next)

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct LIST LIST

◆ list_walk_action

typedef int(* list_walk_action) (void *, void *)

Function Documentation

◆ list_add()

LIST* list_add ( LIST root,
LIST element 

◆ list_cons()

LIST* list_cons ( void *  data,
LIST root 

◆ list_delete()

LIST* list_delete ( LIST root,
LIST element 

◆ list_free()

void list_free ( LIST root,
unsigned int  free_data 

◆ list_length()

unsigned int list_length ( LIST list)

◆ list_reverse()

LIST* list_reverse ( LIST root)

◆ list_walk()

int list_walk ( LIST list,
list_walk_action  action,
unsigned char *  argument