MySQL 8.3.0
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index_merge_plan.h File Reference

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void trace_basic_info_index_merge (THD *thd, const AccessPath *path, const RANGE_OPT_PARAM *param, Opt_trace_object *trace_object)
void add_keys_and_lengths_index_merge (const AccessPath *path, String *key_names, String *used_lengths)
void dbug_dump_index_merge (int indent, bool verbose, const Mem_root_array< AccessPath * > &children)

Function Documentation

◆ add_keys_and_lengths_index_merge()

void add_keys_and_lengths_index_merge ( const AccessPath path,
String key_names,
String used_lengths 

◆ dbug_dump_index_merge()

void dbug_dump_index_merge ( int  indent,
bool  verbose,
const Mem_root_array< AccessPath * > &  children 

◆ trace_basic_info_index_merge()

void trace_basic_info_index_merge ( THD thd,
const AccessPath path,
const RANGE_OPT_PARAM param,
Opt_trace_object trace_object