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i_sha2_password_common.h File Reference

Classes for caching_sha2_authentication plugin. More...

#include <openssl/evp.h>
#include "openssl/ossl_typ.h"
#include "sha2.h"
#include <string>

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class  sha2_password::Generate_digest
 Interface for cryptographic digest generation. More...
class  sha2_password::SHA256_digest
 SHA256 digest generator. More...
class  sha2_password::Generate_scramble
 Scramble generator Responsible for generating scramble of following format: XOR(SHA2(m_src), SHA2(SHA2(SHA2(m_src)), m_rnd)) More...
class  sha2_password::Validate_scramble
 Scramble validator Expects scramble to be: XOR(SHA2(m_src), SHA2(SHA2(SHA2(m_src)), m_rnd)) Validates it against: SHA2(SHA2(m_src)) and random string. More...


namespace  sha2_password


enum class  sha2_password::Digest_info { sha2_password::SHA256_DIGEST = 0 , sha2_password::DIGEST_LAST }
 Supported digest information. More...


const unsigned int sha2_password::CACHING_SHA2_DIGEST_LENGTH = SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH

Detailed Description

Classes for caching_sha2_authentication plugin.