MySQL  8.0.19
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ddl_rewriter.h File Reference
#include <string>

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bool query_rewritten (const std::string &query, std::string *rewritten_query)
 Rewrite CREATE TABLE queries. More...

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bool query_rewritten ( const std::string &  query,
std::string *  rewritten_query 

Rewrite CREATE TABLE queries.

Remove ENCRYPTION and DATA|INDEX DIRECTORY clauses. Note that the CREATE keyword is expected to be located at the very beginning of the query string. The function is used by the ddl_rewriter plugin, and is intended used for CREATE TABLE queries generated by SHOW CREATE TABLE, e.g. when restoring output from mysqldump.

queryOriginal query.
[out]rewritten_queryRewritten query with clauses rmeoved. If there was no rewrite, rewritten_query will not be modified.
Return values
trueif the query was rewritten