MySQL 8.4.0
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DDL implementation misc functions. More...

#include "btr0load.h"
#include "ddl0fts.h"
#include "ddl0impl-cursor.h"
#include "ddl0impl-merge.h"
#include "dict0dd.h"
#include "handler0alter.h"
#include "lock0lock.h"
#include "row0log.h"


namespace  ddl
 The general architecture is that the work is done in two phases, roughly the read and write phase.


static void ddl::index_build_failed (dict_index_t *index) noexcept
 Note that an index build has failed. More...
dberr_t ddl::pread (os_fd_t fd, void *ptr, size_t len, os_offset_t offset) noexcept
 Read a merge block from the file system. More...
dberr_t ddl::pwrite (os_fd_t fd, void *ptr, size_t size, os_offset_t offset) noexcept
 Write a merge block to the file system. More...
Unique_os_file_descriptor ddl::file_create_low (const char *path) noexcept
 Create temporary merge files in the given parameter path, and if UNIV_PFS_IO defined, register the file descriptor with Performance Schema. More...
bool ddl::file_create (file_t *file, const char *path) noexcept
 Create a merge file int the given location. More...
dict_index_tddl::create_index (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table, const Index_defn *index_def, const dict_add_v_col_t *add_v) noexcept
 Create the index and load in to the dictionary. More...
dberr_t ddl::drop_table (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table) noexcept
 Drop a table. More...
dberr_t ddl::lock_table (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table, lock_mode mode) noexcept
 Sets an exclusive lock on a table, for the duration of creating indexes. More...
static void ddl::mark_secondary_indexes (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table) noexcept
 We will have to drop the secondary indexes later, when the table is in use, unless the the DDL has already been externalized. More...
static void ddl::drop_secondary_indexes (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table) noexcept
 Invalidate all row_prebuilt_t::ins_graph that are referring to this table. More...
void ddl::drop_indexes (trx_t *trx, dict_table_t *table, bool locked) noexcept
 Drop those indexes which were created before an error occurred. More...


bool srv_disable_sort_file_cache
 Whether to disable file system cache. More...

Detailed Description

DDL implementation misc functions.

Created 2020-11-01 by Sunny Bains.

Variable Documentation

◆ srv_disable_sort_file_cache

bool srv_disable_sort_file_cache

Whether to disable file system cache.