MySQL  8.0.19
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dd.h File Reference

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 The version of the current data dictionary table definitions.


enum  dd::enum_dd_init_type {
  dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_INITIALIZE = 1, dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_INITIALIZE_SYSTEM_VIEWS, dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_RESTART_OR_UPGRADE, dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_POPULATE_UPGRADE,
  dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_DELETE, dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_UPDATE_I_S_METADATA, dd::enum_dd_init_type::DD_INITIALIZE_NON_DD_BASED_SYSTEM_VIEWS


bool dd::init (enum_dd_init_type dd_init)
 Initialize data dictionary upon server startup, server startup on old data directory or install data dictionary for the first time. More...
bool dd::shutdown ()
 Shuts down the data dictionary instance by deleting the instance of dd::Dictionary_impl* upon server shutdown. More...
class Dictionary * dd::get_dictionary ()
 Get the data dictionary instance. More...
template<typename X >
Xdd::create_object ()
 Create a instance of data dictionary object of type X. More...