MySQL 8.4.0
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clone0repl.h File Reference

GTID persistence interface. More...

#include <vector>
#include "clone0monitor.h"
#include "os0thread-create.h"
#include "sql/rpl_gtid.h"
#include "srv0srv.h"
#include "srv0start.h"
#include "trx0sys.h"

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struct  Gtid_desc
 GTID descriptor with version information. More...
class  Clone_persist_gtid
 Persist GTID along with transaction commit. More...


using Gtid_info = std::array< unsigned char, GTID_INFO_SIZE >
 Serialized GTID. More...
using Gtid_info_list = std::vector< Gtid_desc >
 List of GTIDs. More...


constexpr size_t GTID_INFO_SIZE = 64
 Serialized GTID information size. More...
constexpr uint32_t GTID_VERSION = 2
 GTID format version. More...

Detailed Description

GTID persistence interface.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Gtid_info

using Gtid_info = std::array<unsigned char, GTID_INFO_SIZE>

Serialized GTID.

◆ Gtid_info_list

using Gtid_info_list = std::vector<Gtid_desc>

List of GTIDs.

Variable Documentation


constexpr size_t GTID_INFO_SIZE = 64

Serialized GTID information size.


constexpr uint32_t GTID_VERSION = 2

GTID format version.