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opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx Class Reference


Inheritance diagram for opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx:
opt_explain_json_namespace::join_ctx opt_explain_json_namespace::unit_ctx qep_row opt_explain_json_namespace::context Explain_context opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_with_subqueries_ctx

Public Member Functions

 sort_ctx (enum_parsing_context type_arg, const char *name_arg, context *parent_arg, const Explain_format_flags *flags, Explain_sort_clause clause)
- Public Member Functions inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::join_ctx
 join_ctx (enum_parsing_context type_arg, const char *name_arg, context *parent_arg)
virtual bool add_join_tab (joinable_ctx *ctx)
 Add a CTX_QEP_TAB node to a CTX_JOIN node. More...
virtual void set_sort (sort_ctx *ctx)
 Set nested ORDER BY/GROUP BY/DISTINCT node to ctx. More...
virtual void set_window (window_ctx *ctx)
 Set nested WINDOW node to ctx. More...
virtual qep_rowentry ()
virtual bool find_and_set_derived (context *subquery)
 Associate a CTX_DERIVED node with its CTX_QEP_TAB node. More...
virtual bool add_subquery (subquery_list_enum subquery_type, subquery_ctx *ctx)
 Append a subquery node to the specified list of the unit node. More...
virtual bool format_nested_loop (Opt_trace_context *json)
 Format nested loop join subtree (if any) to JSON formatter. More...
virtual size_t id (bool hide)
 Analogue of the "id" column in the traditional EXPLAIN output. More...
virtual bool cacheable ()
virtual bool dependent ()
virtual int add_where_subquery (subquery_ctx *ctx, SELECT_LEX_UNIT *subquery)
 Associate WHERE subqueries of given context and unit with this object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::unit_ctx
 unit_ctx (enum_parsing_context type_arg, const char *name_arg, context *parent_arg)
bool has_no_subqueries () const
 Helper function to distinguish subquery-less nodes. More...
virtual bool format_unit (Opt_trace_context *json)
 Helper function to format output for HAVING, ORDER/GROUP BY subqueries. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::context
 context (enum_parsing_context type_arg, const char *name_arg, context *parent_arg)
virtual ~context ()
virtual bool format (Opt_trace_context *json)
 Pass the node with its child nodes to a JSON formatter. More...
bool is_query_block () const
virtual enum_mod_type get_mod_type ()
virtual void set_child (context *)
 Associate a child node with this node. More...
virtual void set_union_result (union_result_ctx *)
 associate CTX_UNION_RESULT node with CTX_UNION node More...
virtual bool add_query_spec (context *ctx)
 Add a query specification node to the CTX_UNION node. More...
virtual bool format_derived (Opt_trace_context *)
 Helper function to format output for derived subquery if any. More...
virtual bool format_where (Opt_trace_context *)
 Helper function to format output for associated WHERE subqueries if any. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Explain_context
 Explain_context (enum_parsing_context type_arg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from qep_row
 qep_row ()
virtual ~qep_row ()
void cleanup ()
virtual void register_where_subquery (SELECT_LEX_UNIT *subquery)
 Remember a subquery's unit. More...
void format_extra (Opt_trace_object *obj)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool format_body (Opt_trace_context *json, Opt_trace_object *obj)
 Format JSON object body. More...
const char * get_cost_tag ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::join_ctx
bool format_body_inner (Opt_trace_context *json, Opt_trace_object *obj)

Private Attributes

const bool using_tmptable
 The clause creates temporary table. More...
const bool using_filesort
 The clause uses filesort. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::context
 link to parent node or NULL More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Explain_context
enum_parsing_context type
 type tag More...
- Public Attributes inherited from qep_row
column< uintcol_id
 "id" column: seq. number of SELECT withing the query More...
column< enum_explain_typecol_select_type
 "select_type" column More...
mem_root_str col_table_name
 "table" to which the row of output refers More...
List< const char > col_partitions
 "partitions" column More...
mem_root_str col_join_type
 "type" column, see join_type_str array More...
List< const char > col_possible_keys
 "possible_keys": comma-separated list More...
mem_root_str col_key
 "key" column: index that is actually decided to use More...
mem_root_str col_key_len
 "key_length" column: length of the "key" above More...
List< const char > col_ref
 "ref":columns/constants which are compared to "key" More...
column< float > col_filtered
 "filtered": % of rows filtered by condition More...
List< extracol_extra
 "extra" column (traditional) or property list More...
mem_root_str col_message
 replaces "Extra" column if not empty More...
mem_root_str col_attached_condition
 former "Using where" More...
column< ulonglongcol_rows
 "rows": estimated number of examined table rows per single scan More...
column< ulonglongcol_prefix_rows
 "rows": estimated number of examined table rows per query More...
column< double > col_read_cost
 Time to read the table. More...
column< double > col_prefix_cost
 Cost of the partial join including this table. More...
column< double > col_cond_cost
 Cost of evaluating conditions on this table per query. More...
mem_root_str col_data_size_query
 Size of data expected to be read per query. More...
List< const char > col_used_columns
 List of used columns. More...
List< const char > col_partial_update_columns
 List of columns that can be updated using partial update. More...
uint query_block_id
 query block id for materialized subqueries More...
List< opt_explain_json_namespace::contextderived_from
 List of "derived" subquery trees. More...
List< const char > col_key_parts
 used parts of the key More...
bool is_dependent
bool is_cacheable
bool using_temporary
enum_mod_type mod_type
bool is_materialized_from_subquery
uint derived_clone_id
 If a clone of a materialized derived table, this is the ID of the first underlying query block of the first materialized derived table. More...
List< Window > * m_windows
 Windows to describe in this node. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::join_ctx
List< joinable_ctxjoin_tabs
 hosted JOIN_TAB nodes More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from opt_explain_json_namespace::context
const char * name

Detailed Description


CTX_JOIN context (see join_ctx class) may contain nested loop join node or ORDER BY/GROUP BY/DISTINCT node that is represented by this class:

join: { nested_loop: [ ... ] } or join: { order_by|group_by|distinct : { ... } }

CTX_ORDER_BY may contain nested loop join tree or GROUP BY/DISTINCT node:

order_by: { nested_loop|group_by|distinct: ... }

CTX_DISTINCT context structure:

distinct: { nested_loop|group_by: ... }


group_by: { nested_loop: [ ... ] }

I.e. the most complex CTX_JOIN may have such a structure of JSON output as:

join: { order_by: { distinct: { group_by: { nested_loop: [ ... ] } } } } TODO

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sort_ctx()

opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx::sort_ctx ( enum_parsing_context  type_arg,
const char *  name_arg,
context parent_arg,
const Explain_format_flags flags,
Explain_sort_clause  clause 

Member Function Documentation

◆ format_body()

virtual bool opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx::format_body ( Opt_trace_context json,
Opt_trace_object obj 

Format JSON object body.

objObject of this body
Return values

Reimplemented from opt_explain_json_namespace::join_ctx.

Reimplemented in opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_with_subqueries_ctx.

◆ get_cost_tag()

const char* opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx::get_cost_tag ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ using_filesort

const bool opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx::using_filesort

The clause uses filesort.

◆ using_tmptable

const bool opt_explain_json_namespace::sort_ctx::using_tmptable

The clause creates temporary table.

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