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net::socket_base::msg_hdr Class Reference

#include <socket.h>

Inheritance diagram for net::socket_base::msg_hdr:

Public Member Functions

template<class BufferSequence >
 msg_hdr (const BufferSequence &buffers)
template<class endpoint_type >
void set_sender (endpoint_type &ep)
 set sender of the message. More...
template<class endpoint_type >
void resize_sender (endpoint_type &ep)
 set the size of the sender after data was received. More...
template<class endpoint_type >
void set_recipient (const endpoint_type &ep)
 set recipient of the message. More...

Private Attributes

std::array< impl::socket::iovec_base, 16 > iov_ {}

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ msg_hdr()

template<class BufferSequence >
net::socket_base::msg_hdr::msg_hdr ( const BufferSequence &  buffers)

Member Function Documentation

◆ resize_sender()

template<class endpoint_type >
void net::socket_base::msg_hdr::resize_sender ( endpoint_type &  ep)

set the size of the sender after data was received.

◆ set_recipient()

template<class endpoint_type >
void net::socket_base::msg_hdr::set_recipient ( const endpoint_type &  ep)

set recipient of the message.

◆ set_sender()

template<class endpoint_type >
void net::socket_base::msg_hdr::set_sender ( endpoint_type &  ep)

set sender of the message.

used by the UDP and Linux TCP Fast Open.

Member Data Documentation

◆ iov_

std::array<impl::socket::iovec_base, 16> net::socket_base::msg_hdr::iov_ {}

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