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mysql_harness::ConfigSection Class Reference

Configuration section. More...

#include <config_parser.h>

Public Types

using OptionMap = std::map< std::string, std::string >
using OptionRange = Range< OptionMap::const_iterator >

Public Member Functions

 ConfigSection (const std::string &name_arg, const std::string &key_arg, const std::shared_ptr< const ConfigSection > &defaults)
 ConfigSection (const ConfigSection &, const std::shared_ptr< const ConfigSection > &defaults)
ConfigSectionoperator= (const ConfigSection &)=delete
 ConfigSection (const ConfigSection &)=default
void clear ()
 Clear the options in the section. More...
void update (const ConfigSection &other)
 Update section with contents of another section. More...
std::string get (std::string_view option) const
void set (const std::string &option, const std::string &value)
void add (const std::string &option, const std::string &value)
bool has (std::string_view option) const
OptionRange get_options () const
 Range for options in section. More...
std::string get_section_name (std::string_view option) const
std::string get_section_name () const
bool assert_default (const ConfigSection *def) const

Public Attributes

const std::string name
const std::string key

Private Member Functions

std::string do_replace (const std::string &value, int depth=0) const
std::pair< OptionMap::const_iterator, bool > do_locate (std::string_view option) const noexcept

Private Attributes

const int kMaxInterpolationDepth = 10
const std::shared_ptr< const ConfigSectiondefaults_
OptionMap options_

Detailed Description

Configuration section.

A named configuration file section with a zero or more configuration file options.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ OptionMap

using mysql_harness::ConfigSection::OptionMap = std::map<std::string, std::string>

◆ OptionRange

using mysql_harness::ConfigSection::OptionRange = Range<OptionMap::const_iterator>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConfigSection() [1/3]

mysql_harness::ConfigSection::ConfigSection ( const std::string &  name_arg,
const std::string &  key_arg,
const std::shared_ptr< const ConfigSection > &  defaults 

◆ ConfigSection() [2/3]

mysql_harness::ConfigSection::ConfigSection ( const ConfigSection other,
const std::shared_ptr< const ConfigSection > &  defaults 

◆ ConfigSection() [3/3]

mysql_harness::ConfigSection::ConfigSection ( const ConfigSection )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void mysql_harness::ConfigSection::add ( const std::string &  option,
const std::string &  value 

◆ assert_default()

bool mysql_harness::ConfigSection::assert_default ( const ConfigSection def) const

◆ clear()

void mysql_harness::ConfigSection::clear ( )

Clear the options in the section.

This will remove options from the configuration section.

◆ do_locate()

std::pair< ConfigSection::OptionMap::const_iterator, bool > mysql_harness::ConfigSection::do_locate ( std::string_view  option) const

◆ do_replace()

std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::do_replace ( const std::string &  value,
int  depth = 0 
) const

◆ get()

std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::get ( std::string_view  option) const

◆ get_options()

OptionRange mysql_harness::ConfigSection::get_options ( ) const

Range for options in section.

Typical usage is:

for (auto elem: section.get_options())
std::cout << "Option " << elem.first
<< " has value " << elem.second
<< std::endl;
a range of options each consisting of a pair option-value.

◆ get_section_name() [1/2]

std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::get_section_name ( ) const

◆ get_section_name() [2/2]

std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::get_section_name ( std::string_view  option) const

◆ has()

bool mysql_harness::ConfigSection::has ( std::string_view  option) const

◆ operator=()

ConfigSection & mysql_harness::ConfigSection::operator= ( const ConfigSection )

◆ set()

void mysql_harness::ConfigSection::set ( const std::string &  option,
const std::string &  value 

◆ update()

void mysql_harness::ConfigSection::update ( const ConfigSection other)

Update section with contents of another section.

The configuration section will be updated with the contents of the other section. For any options that exist in the section, the value will be overwritten by the values in the other section. If the option do not exist, a new option will be created and the value set to the value of the option in the other section.

The section name and key have to match for the update to be done.
bad_sectionThrown if the section name or section key do not match.
otherSection to copy options and values from.

Member Data Documentation

◆ defaults_

const std::shared_ptr<const ConfigSection> mysql_harness::ConfigSection::defaults_

◆ key

const std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::key

◆ kMaxInterpolationDepth

const int mysql_harness::ConfigSection::kMaxInterpolationDepth = 10

◆ name

const std::string mysql_harness::ConfigSection::name

◆ options_

OptionMap mysql_harness::ConfigSection::options_

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