MySQL  8.0.21
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mysql_audit_api_message_imp Class Reference

#include <audit_api_message_service_imp.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static mysql_service_status_t emit (mysql_event_message_subclass_t type, const char *component, size_t component_length, const char *producer, size_t producer_length, const char *message, size_t message_length, mysql_event_message_key_value_t *key_value_map, size_t key_value_map_length) noexcept
 Method that generates Audit API message event. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ emit()

mysql_service_status_t mysql_audit_api_message_imp::emit ( mysql_event_message_subclass_t  type,
const char *  component,
size_t  component_length,
const char *  producer,
size_t  producer_length,
const char *  message,
size_t  message_length,
mysql_event_message_key_value_t key_value_map,
size_t  key_value_map_length 

Method that generates Audit API message event.

typeMessage event type.
componentComponent name.
component_lengthComponent name length.
producerProducer name.
producer_lengthProducer name length.
message_lengthMessage length.
key_value_mapKey-value map pointer. The function does not perform key values uniqueness.
key_value_map_lengthKey-value map length.
This method always returns false. The service is using underlying Audit API function that do not allow to distinguish, whether the audit log plugin has been called or not.

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