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gis::Surface Class Referenceabstract

An abstract 2d surface. More...

#include <geometries.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool accept (Geometry_visitor *v) override=0
 Applies a hierarchical visitor to this geometry. More...
Geometry_type type () const override=0
 Gets the geometry type of the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gis::Geometry
 Geometry ()=default
virtual ~Geometry ()=default
 Geometry (const Geometry &)=default
Geometryoperator= (const Geometry &)=default
virtual Geometryclone () const =0
virtual Coordinate_system coordinate_system () const =0
 Gets the coordinate system. More...
virtual bool is_empty () const =0
 Check if this is an empty geometry. More...

Detailed Description

An abstract 2d surface.

Surface is a non-instantiable type in SQL.

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

bool gis::Surface::accept ( Geometry_visitor v)
overridepure virtual

Applies a hierarchical visitor to this geometry.

See also
vA hierarchical visitor.
Return values
trueThe execution was aborted by the visitor.
falseThe execution completed.

Implements gis::Geometry.

Implemented in gis::Cartesian_polygon, gis::Geographic_polygon, and gis::Polygon.

◆ type()

Geometry_type gis::Surface::type ( ) const
overridepure virtual

Gets the geometry type of the object.

The type of this object

Implements gis::Geometry.

Implemented in gis::Polygon.

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