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dd::Foreign_key_element Class Referenceabstract

#include <foreign_key_element.h>

Inheritance diagram for dd::Foreign_key_element:

Public Types

typedef Foreign_key_element_impl Impl
typedef tables::Foreign_key_column_usage DD_table

Public Member Functions

 ~Foreign_key_element () override=default
virtual const Foreign_keyforeign_key () const =0
virtual Foreign_keyforeign_key ()=0
virtual const Columncolumn () const =0
virtual void set_column (const Column *column)=0
virtual uint ordinal_position () const =0
virtual void set_ordinal_position (int ordinal_position)=0
virtual const String_typereferenced_column_name () const =0
virtual void referenced_column_name (const String_type &name)=0
virtual void serialize (Sdi_wcontext *wctx, Sdi_writer *w) const =0
 Converts *this into json. More...
virtual bool deserialize (Sdi_rcontext *rctx, const RJ_Value &val)=0
 Re-establishes the state of *this by reading sdi information from the rapidjson DOM subobject provided. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from dd::Weak_object
virtual void debug_print (String_type &outb) const =0
 Weak_object ()=default
 Weak_object (const Weak_object &)=default
virtual ~Weak_object ()=default

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ DD_table

◆ Impl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Foreign_key_element()

dd::Foreign_key_element::~Foreign_key_element ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ column()

virtual const Column & dd::Foreign_key_element::column ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ deserialize()

virtual bool dd::Foreign_key_element::deserialize ( Sdi_rcontext rctx,
const RJ_Value val 
pure virtual

Re-establishes the state of *this by reading sdi information from the rapidjson DOM subobject provided.

Cross-references encountered within this object are tracked in sdictx, so that they can be updated when the entire object graph has been established.

rctxstores book-keeping information for the deserialization process
valsubobject of rapidjson DOM containing json representation of this object
Return values

Implemented in dd::Foreign_key_element_impl.

◆ foreign_key() [1/2]

virtual const Foreign_key & dd::Foreign_key_element::foreign_key ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ foreign_key() [2/2]

virtual Foreign_key & dd::Foreign_key_element::foreign_key ( )
pure virtual

◆ ordinal_position()

virtual uint dd::Foreign_key_element::ordinal_position ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ referenced_column_name() [1/2]

virtual const String_type & dd::Foreign_key_element::referenced_column_name ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ referenced_column_name() [2/2]

virtual void dd::Foreign_key_element::referenced_column_name ( const String_type name)
pure virtual

◆ serialize()

virtual void dd::Foreign_key_element::serialize ( Sdi_wcontext wctx,
Sdi_writer w 
) const
pure virtual

Converts *this into json.

Converts all member variables that are to be included in the sdi into json by transforming them appropriately and passing them to the rapidjson writer provided.

wctxopaque context for data needed by serialization
wrapidjson writer which will perform conversion to json

Implemented in dd::Foreign_key_element_impl.

◆ set_column()

virtual void dd::Foreign_key_element::set_column ( const Column column)
pure virtual

◆ set_ordinal_position()

virtual void dd::Foreign_key_element::set_ordinal_position ( int  ordinal_position)
pure virtual

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