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cmp_item Class Referenceabstract

#include <item_cmpfunc.h>

Inheritance diagram for cmp_item:

Public Member Functions

 cmp_item ()=default
virtual ~cmp_item ()=default
virtual void store_value (Item *item)=0
virtual int cmp (Item *item)=0
virtual int compare (const cmp_item *item) const =0
virtual cmp_itemmake_same ()=0
virtual void store_value_by_template (cmp_item *, Item *item)

Static Public Member Functions

static cmp_itemget_comparator (Item_result result_type, Item *item, const CHARSET_INFO *cs)
 Find the appropriate comparator for the given type. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cmp_item()

cmp_item::cmp_item ( )

◆ ~cmp_item()

virtual cmp_item::~cmp_item ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ cmp()

virtual int cmp_item::cmp ( Item item)
pure virtual
result (true, false or UNKNOWN) of "stored argument's value <> item's value"

Implemented in cmp_item_string, cmp_item_json, cmp_item_int, cmp_item_datetime, cmp_item_real, cmp_item_decimal, and cmp_item_row.

◆ compare()

virtual int cmp_item::compare ( const cmp_item item) const
pure virtual

◆ get_comparator()

cmp_item * cmp_item::get_comparator ( Item_result  result_type,
Item item,
const CHARSET_INFO cs 

Find the appropriate comparator for the given type.

result_typeUsed to find the appropriate comparator.
itemItem object used to distinguish temporal types.
New cmp_item_xxx object.

◆ make_same()

virtual cmp_item * cmp_item::make_same ( )
pure virtual

◆ store_value()

virtual void cmp_item::store_value ( Item item)
pure virtual

◆ store_value_by_template()

virtual void cmp_item::store_value_by_template ( cmp_item ,
Item item 

Reimplemented in cmp_item_row.

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