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anonymous_namespace{}::Query_result_delete Class Referencefinal
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Public Member Functions

bool need_explain_interceptor () const override
bool send_data (THD *, const mem_root_deque< Item * > &) override
bool send_eof (THD *thd) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Query_result_interceptor
 Query_result_interceptor ()
uint field_count (const mem_root_deque< Item * > &) const override
bool send_result_set_metadata (THD *, const mem_root_deque< Item * > &, uint) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Query_result
 Query_result ()
virtual ~Query_result ()=default
virtual bool needs_file_privilege () const
virtual bool change_query_result (THD *, Query_result *)
 Change wrapped Query_result. More...
virtual bool prepare (THD *, const mem_root_deque< Item * > &, Query_expression *u)
 Perform preparation specific to the query expression or DML statement. More...
virtual bool start_execution (THD *)
 Prepare for execution of the query expression or DML statement. More...
virtual bool create_table_for_query_block (THD *)
 Create table, only needed to support CREATE TABLE ... SELECT. More...
virtual bool check_supports_cursor () const
 Check if this query result set supports cursors. More...
virtual void abort_result_set (THD *)
virtual bool reset ()
 Cleanup after one execution of the unit, to be ready for a next execution inside the same statement. More...
virtual void cleanup ()
 Cleanup after this execution. More...
virtual bool use_protocol_adapter () const
virtual bool use_protocol_wrapper () const
virtual void set_limit (ha_rows)
 Only overridden (and non-empty) for Query_result_union, q.v. More...
virtual Server_side_cursorcursor () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Query_result
ha_rows estimated_rowcount
 Number of records estimated in this result. More...
double estimated_cost
 Cost to execute the subquery which produces this result. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Query_result

Member Function Documentation

◆ need_explain_interceptor()

bool anonymous_namespace{}::Query_result_delete::need_explain_interceptor ( ) const
true if an interceptor object is needed for EXPLAIN

Reimplemented from Query_result.

◆ send_data()

bool anonymous_namespace{}::Query_result_delete::send_data ( THD ,
const mem_root_deque< Item * > &   

Implements Query_result.

◆ send_eof()

bool anonymous_namespace{}::Query_result_delete::send_eof ( THD thd)

Implements Query_result.

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